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What is Perinatal Counselling?

What is Perinatal Counselling?

Perinatal counselling is a broad term that encompasses the childbearing years. Whether you are considering getting pregnant, are currently pregnant, or just had a child, it can help you cope with issues, figure out what to do, feel comfortable with yourself and your body, and learn to give you and your spouse quality time.

While having a baby can be joyful, it can also be uncomfortable, painful, and come with a unique set of challenges. Some families find it tough to deal with all the excitement or find that they aren’t as excited as they think they should be.

Perinatal counselling can include a variety of things, such as fertility issues or concerns, depression, trauma before/during/after pregnancy, sleep deprivation, lactation problems, and other familial problems. Therefore, you can talk to someone knowledgeable if you’re afraid you can’t get pregnant, have postpartum depression after the baby is born or can’t seem to catch sleep once baby arrives.

Counsellors can also help you deal with spouses who don’t understand what you’re going through, family members who want to be too involved, and much more. If you want to have a baby, just had one, or are currently pregnant, you can benefit from talking to a counsellor.

From 2 to 3 is an excellent source and Ginny is one of the most qualified people available. She has gone through tough situations in her life and can apply that information and knowledge to help you through your difficult time. Her focus is not on removing those issues but learning how to adapt and deal with them effectively. She also has plenty of qualifications, such as a Bachelor in Psychotherapy, which means she has the learned skills to help anyone. Perinatal counselling is an excellent option for those who are anxious or nervous about becoming a parent.

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