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Security Screen Doors: Considerations For Use

In most cases, a screen isn’t considered to be a security measure against intrusion, and most screens are designed with flimsy material. They’re primarily focused on keeping out bugs and can be called flyscreens. While these products work well, security screen doors afford more security to you and your home. The door frame is strong and reliable, and the screen inside of it is made of aluminium or stainless steel mesh, depending on the type and style you choose. That way, it can’t easily be cut or broken down, which prevents thieves from getting inside to steal things.

Security screen doors also act as a flyscreen. Insects can’t fit through the tiny mesh holes, which means they can’t get inside your home when the door is open. Your heavy front door prevents sunlight and outside air from getting inside the house. While you may not mind using artificial light and air conditioning, nice, breezy days may have you desiring to open up the home. You can do that with a screen door because the mesh allows the light and air to get inside while keeping out bugs. Plus, the extra security helps you feel safe while the door is open instead of vulnerable.

CommandeX offers two security screen doors, including Xceed and SecureView. Both products are designed to be sturdy, stable, and keep out bugs and human intruders. While SecureView does include a standard three-point locking system, Xceed does not, though you can choose to have that installed with a separate fee. You also get excellent airflow, a patented fixing system, and an attractive look. The neighbours aren’t likely to notice anything different, but you will feel much safer inside your home while the doors are open. You can also pair the door with security screens for windows, which can protect your entire house from intrusion.

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