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Why Install an Insect Screen

Why Install an Insect Screen

How many times have you wanted to open your doors and windows to air out a stuffy room and let in a lovely breeze? Letting new energy into your home can be wonderfully refreshing. However, bringing a bunch of bugs and flying parasites inside is not so wonderful. An insect screen is an excellent way to prevent them from entering your home while you are enjoying the breeze and sunshine.
An insect screen can also prevent leaves, twigs and other small debris from entering your home and creating a mess. They also act as a filter for coarse dust and other potential allergens. Insect screens allow you to reduce your electricity bill by giving you enough fresh air and sunlight to turn off the air conditioner and lights during the day.
If you are a nature lover, you will enjoy the freedom of letting natural light and fresh air into your home. However, even the biggest nature lovers don’t enjoy having spiders, mosquitoes, flies and other creatures in their homes. An insect screen is an effective barrier on your doors and windows and will keep these creepy-crawlies out. SP Screens offers a range of insect screens that can maintain the stylish appearance of your home while doing their job perfectly. Their subtle appearance means that you don’t have to compromise the aesthetics of your home and you can enjoy an amazing view of the outdoors without a highly visible mesh or ugly bars over the door. Our insect screens are custom-built to your door or window’s specifications so that you can get the perfect fit regardless of your window/door style.

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