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Lower your termite treatment cost with a termite inspection

Many wise homeowners call a pest control operator to address the worries they have once they catch sight of what they think is a winged ant in their home. The thoughts of having an aggressive nest of termites in or around your home are nerve wracking. Everyone knows that they are capable of doing extensive damage to the structure of a home before the owners even realise it because they tend to work from the inside. The best way to lower your termite treatment cost is with a termite inspection.

During the inspection the inspector looks carefully for any signs of past or current damage or current infestation. The inspector will pay particular attention to specific areas in and around the home that can lead to the beginning of a nest. Termites need water to survive, the inspector will look for potential areas where standing water can accumulate, this can be around the building foundation, too much garden mulch in close proximity to the home as well as deck supports that are in contact with soil rather than imbedded in concrete.

Tell tale signs of termite problems:

During his inspection the inspector looks for visible indications of infestation, these can be damaged wood, evidence of termite wings, mud tubes and excrement. The inspector will pay particular attention to any area where wood is in direct contact with soil, this is an indication that termite activity is distinctly possible.

Where does the inspector look?

During a professional termite inspection the inspector looks inside and outside the home as well as in the loft and crawl space.

Termites are subterranean creatures that require a source of organic material and water to survive and prosper. The inspector goes all around the perimeter of the home looking for mud tubes or mud in construction joints. The inspector will pay particular attention to any ground to wood contact.

As termites live underground rarely do you see any evidence of them in the open. A thorough interior inspection includes the trim around windows and doors as well as baseboards. Laundry areas, the kitchen and bathroom are checked closely due to the availability of water.

It is very important that you eliminate conditions in and around your home that are conduce to termite infestation, a professional termite inspection is equally as important to your home as is getting rid of them. Lower your termite treatment cost with a termite inspection; the earlier you find evidence of termites the quicker you can take remedial action.

You can lower your termite treatment cost with a termite inspection. Contact Pink Pest Services for a compressive termite inspection, by taking immediate action you know exactly what you have to do next.

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