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Sydney Specialist Periodontist: Benefits

If you have gum disease and experience pain, swelling, infection, or bleeding of the gums, it might be time to visit a Sydney specialist periodontist. Periodontists focus on issues with the gums, so they can help you treat and reverse the damage. It’s important that you visit them at the first sign of periodontitis; most of the time, you’ll find this information out from your general dentist. They will check your gums and tell you that you’ve got gum disease. It can be scary to learn that you’ve got an issue, but it is treatable if caught early enough.

A Sydney specialist periodontist specialises in gum care. They offer deep cleaning treatments that get way down between the gum tissue and teeth to remove bacteria and clean the teeth. Many times, this procedure, called scaling and root planing, requires two or three sessions to ensure that every tooth is cleaned below the gum line. They may also give you antibiotics to kill the bacteria, which can ensure that your gums have time to heal. That way, you can prevent tooth loss; when the gums separate from the tooth, the teeth become loose and can fall out, which is upsetting and painful.

Toothsome has a Sydney specialist periodontist on staff to help you with your gum disease. Dr Chou will take the time to assess your gums and teeth to determine at what stage the gum disease is. She has a variety of methods and tools available to clean the teeth and heal the gums while reversing the damage, especially if you visit her early. Therefore, it is essential that you book an appointment as soon as you find out that you have periodontitis from your dentist. That way, you lower your risk for complications, such as tooth loss and loss of bone structure.

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