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How Picture Frames Can Be A Unique Art Piece For Your Artwork

When most people have a photograph or unique piece of artwork they want to preserve, they put it in a picture frame. These frames can protect the piece and keep it away from moisture, humidity, and dust, but it can also add unique qualities to the item itself. Many times, the frame is like a piece of art, especially if it is decorated.

What The Frame Does

Primarily, a frame is designed to bring out the beauty of the piece in a subtle way. Some frames are designed to be noticed, while others draw your attention to the artwork or a particular place in the artwork. The goal is to ensure that the art is presented in a desirable way without overpowering the workmanship of the artist.

The frame itself doesn’t protect the art from humidity, moisture, and other age-ravishing problems. If you’re hoping to preserve the painting or photo, you may want to choose a frame with a glass front and a wooden or cardboard backing to ensure preservation.

However, it’s also important to note that proper framing can secure the artwork, which isn’t the same as preserving it. For example, the techniques for mounting and the matting used can help keep it safe and in excellent condition.

What To Do

The best thing you can do is go to a professional framer, such as Amarisco Framing & Mounting. Not only will they be able to help you choose the best picture frame for your piece, but they’ll also be able to make it for you and help you hang it appropriately. While almost anyone can cut wood and glue it together, there’s a lot more involved with proper framing than just cutting and pasting. There are specific techniques available for various artwork, which is why professionals are best.

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