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Cosmetic Gum Graft in Chatswood: Reasons

For many of us, our gums will recede as tissue wears away. The result is exposure of the tooth root. Luckily, if a person’s gums begin to recede, there is a quick and relatively simple surgical solution.

During a cosmetic gum graft in Chatswood, the dental surgeon removes healthy gum tissue from the roof of the patient’s mouth. This tissue is used to rebuild the gum to where it has receded.

Gum recession is a slow process, so slow that many people fail to realise it is happening. If the condition is left untreated, it could result in tooth loss. The solution is a gum graft. Many people elect to have the procedure performed for cosmetic reasons. For others, the procedure is necessary to protect the exposed tooth root and to repair damage already done.

A cosmetic gum graft in Chatswood can easily restore balance to a smile. However, before surgery is even contemplated, any existing gum disease must be rectified. Plaque and tartar cause gum disease, and before a cosmetic gum graft can be done, plaque and tartar must be removed.

In some cases, once plaque and tartar have been eliminated, there will be a natural regrowth of tissue. However, in many cases, the damage has been done. The solution is to employ skin grafting techniques. In the case of a gum graft, the dental surgeon takes living tissue from the roof of the mouth and places where it is needed.

When the procedure is done at Toothsome, the decision to proceed and the type of surgery is one made by the dental surgeon and the patient. The highly skilled dentists will talk to you about your options, show you what you can expect, and when you are ready, schedule the procedure. If you are looking for a cosmetic gum graft in Chatswood, make an appointment, today.

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