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Cocktail Course – Getting More Out Of Your Bar Cocktail Sets

Pro-bartending may seem like a difficult industry to get into, but with the right skills and bar cocktail sets, you’re on your way to achieving your goals of becoming a bartender. While it can seem difficult at times to learn the techniques and information needed to produce delicious drinks, a simple cocktail course may be all that’s required to help you on your way. Serve It Up offers this and many other classes to help you learn more about this exciting career option.

Tips For Beginners

The best thing you can learn how to do is to measure correctly. The quality and quantity of ingredients are essential to make sure your beverage tastes delicious. Likewise, you should hold the bottle by the neck, giving you more control to pour correctly.

You must also ensure that your cocktail is blended and combined appropriately. For example, some cocktails require the use of a blender, while others should be stirred a particular amount of times. Likewise, if your drink is going to include fruit or eggs, they should be shaken with a cocktail shaker instead of mixing with a spoon to ensure that all the elements are properly blended.

Other Tips

Some recipes may require that you mix the cocktail in a liquidiser or jug for a few seconds. While you can still have a delicious drink with shakers, the beverage may look more appetising when made with a liquidiser.

You may also notice that the bar in which you work uses crushed ice because it is easier to blend. However, if your bar doesn’t offer crushed ice, it may be best to break it yourself before adding it to the blender.

Bar cocktail sets can be purchased and brought to the establishment, or the bar or restaurant may give you a set to use.

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