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Asbestos Testing: Why It’s Important

Asbestos is a fibre that is primarily featured in soil and rock. It’s found in a variety of construction materials as insulations and used for fire retardants. It can be found in shingles, ceilings, flooring tiles, and some cement products, both inside and outside the building. While it is now banned from being used to make products, it can still be found in older materials, which is why asbestos testing is essential. The dangers of the fibre are significant; exposure over extended periods can cause lung disease, upper respiratory infections, and much more.

Asbestos testing can be used on all the materials in your building. Samples are taken to a laboratory where the tests occur. Usually, an occupational hygienist comes to the property to take the samples because they are trained on how to do so safely. Disturbing the asbestos is what makes it so dangerous because the tiny spores can float into the air and be breathed into the lungs. Occupational hygienists wear protective gear to keep them safe and disturb the material as little as possible. They may also bag the entire item and take it to the lab for testing to prevent exposure to the employees and staff.

At Safety & Environmental Services Australia, they understand how dangerous some materials can be, which is why they are there to offer tests and other services to rid your property of such dangers. Asbestos testing is a specialty of theirs. They can test the building for asbestos, provide surveys and inspections, and help you create a management plan to get it removed safely and quickly. If you must wait for removal, they can provide air monitoring, as well. Plus, when it is finally removed, they provide you with a clearance certificate to show that you have successfully removed all asbestos from your location.

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